Welcome to Palm Trees, Sand & Cold Beverage!

The nudist all naturist housing subdivision!
Located in sunny Hudson, Florida
(About 40 miles north of Tampa)

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Introduction to nudism

A quick way to acquaint yourself with nature and how the program works is to visit for yourself. If you are looking to buy a home or lot, there are still a few available! City Retreat primarily caters to the individual or couples as nudist. Affilliated with AANR and has already expericed first hand the joys of naturism. We are close to many Nudist Resorts and boasts the county with the most nudist resorts of thee entire United States. We ajoin primarily the premire and almost the first established nudist resort along side this beautiful housing developement.

If you wish to set up a news event or article, you are assumed to be familiar with the concept before you start. This site will allow you to post NEWS ARTICLES that coincide with AANR and are nudist related, either with the park or with surrounding events. Any web designs, photos, or other things of importance or intrest, should be immediately forwarded to me for future use in this sites developement. All items looked at!

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Our policy of being accepted is quite very simple. If the content submitted is safe for a two year old, then it will be added.

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